JUNIOR Representative Season Update:

TITANS JUNIOR TRI-SERIES: Tentative Rescheduled Dates

SQBD Junior Championships:    Scheduled for June 14th 2020

Arthur Davis Cup:                      Scheduled for May 17th postponed to June 28th 2020

Gold Coast Cup Southport:       Scheduled for April 26th postponed to June 21st 2020

2020 Qld Junior State Cup        July 9th, 10th &11th 2020 (Yet to be confirmed)

At this stage we suggest for those who have not paid the Rep Levy as yet to defer your payment until further notice. Those who have paid will receive a full refund if the Junior Rep season does not proceed. It is also suggested to defer paying any further accommodation deposits for the Junior State Cup until confirmation of the event proceeding or not, is determined.

We’ll have to continually monitor the situation but I hope by around mid to late April we should be able to confirm more details and will know more about Junior State Cup and what the junior rep plan is for the rest of the year.

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