COVID-19 Update – MARCH 20, 2020
Dear Members,
As you would all be aware, we find ourselves in an unprecedented position with the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. We have seen it spread around the world and increasingly in the past week, here in Australia.
RTA is one of Queensland’s largest touch football affiliates, with nearly 200 teams playing every week when in season. In times like this, sport increasingly plays the role of a social outlet, however there are obvious concerns regarding the health and wellbeing of our members and their families.
Although the most recent advice from our governing bodies, Queensland Touch Football and Touch Football Australia suggests that “competitions or events of under 500 attendees in the one location at any one time can continue to run.” On Monday March 16th the RTA Board of Management unanimously agreed given all the information at hand, the most responsible and sensible decision in the best interest and safety of our members and the community in general, was to suspend all activities at the club. This includes all Senior and Junior Competitions, Mini Muddies and Junior Representative team training, at least until after the school holidays I.E. April 20th. This decision has been well received and applauded with many replies in support of the decision by our members.
The Board is currently scheduled to meet next Tuesday night March 24th to further discuss and consider current and evolving information and recommendations on the COVID-19 crisis. Discussions naturally will cover current suspended competitions and potential contingencies plans to reschedule and/or compensate season 1 participants in the likelihood we are unable to resume April 20th and have to completely cancel season 1 competitions. The Junior Representative season will also be an item on the agenda. Notice of relevant decisions and potential contingency plans will then be communicated to all RTA Members.
This situation is dynamic and changing every day. As new advice is provided to us by the Government and our governing bodies, we will continually review the situation and make responsible decisions. We ask all of our members to be patient and understanding as we endeavour to navigate this crisis responsibly and with the best interest of our members and community as our priority.

Kind regards

Mark Jansson
Operations Manager
Redlands Touch
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