We highly value and appreciate the contribution of the many individuals who have shaped Redlands Touch Association into the vibrant local sporting organisation that it is today.  Our success is testament to their generosity and passion.

Our Redlands Touch International Representatives have reached the pinnacle of their sport, representing Australia on the world stage.  Beyond their career achievements, we are grateful and humbled by the contributions made by them and their families, often over many years,  in their volunteering capacities at Redlands Touch Association. 

Australian Referees

T. Freebody

J. Ward

N. Ward

P. Chappel

P. McMahon

J. Horton

M. Lavery

K. Wilson

N. Budge

Rob Ward

Rebecca Ward

Australian Youth Representatives

R. Henderson

C. McTaggart

L. Bryant

S. Hillier

B. Kirby

N. Harrison

M. Fanning

C. Small

R. Whittaker

M. Regazzoli

K. Brennan

K. Huggett

A. Pryde

D. Richards

C. Russell

A. Russell

H. Moffat

J. Fielding-Smith

J. Price

T. Buncuga

K. Nona

B. Russell

D. Price

C. Rolfe

T. Stanhope

Australian Open Representatives

N. Tilyard

R. Thorogood

B. Yates

K. Russ

K. Beitzel

L. Hudson

C. Hall

B. Brindell

S. Williams

R. Henderson

K. Brennan

A. Pryde

C. Russell

H. Moffatt

Australian Seniors Representatives

T. Hatfield

K. Harling

S. Carroll

L. Brindell

S. Williams

C. McTaggart

Australian Masters Representatives

B. Lowther

C. Newman

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