Prepared by Mark Jansson, Club Administrator.

TFA has released the 8th Edition Touch Football Rules and Redlands Touch has decided to adopt these rules from Season 1 2020 in an incremental approach. Each week we will implement and highlight one of the new rules to help both our players and referees adapt to the new rules. It is important to understand these updates to the rules should not result in large changes to the way the game is played or officiated but align with the current trends of the game.8T

The rule of the week for week 1 – 7 Metres (Rule # 15.4)

  • To be onside the distance is now 7 metres
  • The previous rules had the line marking at 5 meters from the Try Line. Under the 8th edition rules, the line marking is 7 metres from the Try Line. Other line-markings remain unchanged.
  • When a Rollball occurs on the 7-metre line, or within Defending Team’s Seven Metre Zone, all defending players must have both feet on or behind their Try Line to be onside.
  • If the rollball is performed 1 meter before the 7-metre line (i.e. 8-metres from the Try Line) then the defending team must retire to 1 meter before the Try Line to be onside.
  • This aligns the try line onside distance with the mid-field distance for greater consistency

Please view this video which provides game footage and further clarification on this rule change:

To reiterate, we are introducing these rules in an incremental approach over the early part of the season. Next week you will receive additional guidance on what will be the focus for that week.

For more information, you can read the official TFA post here…